In 2017 we formed Hot Splash, LLC, a full-service mud company with operations covering the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas, and “Beyond”. We think of ourselves as the New-Old Company with an emphasis on service and unparalled expertise, we assembled a team consisting of hands-on mud engineers that observe trends and anticipate possible problems and operational drilling personnel un-equaled in the industry. All daily mud checks are reviewed by all area managers.

Hot Splash has a thorough working knowledge in all types of WBM and OBM muds and the problems created by ionic influences, under and over balanced conditions, high thermal gradients, CO2 and H2S, plastic flowing salt, sloughing and mud making shale and extensive experience in extended reach laterals and cavern wells.

You will not find a more experienced drilling group assembled under one roof anywhere in the industry today. All Area Managers are recognized leaders in their particular areas and have 30+ years of local experience.


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New Mexico / West Texas

The New Mexico / West Texas region from Farmington New Mexico to Big Springs Texas is expansive as it is challenging. Logistical planning due to the area’s wide expanse and remoteness; thick Red Bed sequences blanketing West Texas, corrosive saltwater flows from the San Andres, H2S throughout the area, severe loss returns in the upper Spraberry, and low volume high-pressure gas in the Wolfcamp are just some of the many drilling complications to be found throughout the region. There is no one size fits all answer. Each of these problems must be dealt with differently depending on the basin, shelf, or platform that is being drilled and often times the adjacent structure and transition zone. This is only understood through many years of experience and an extensive library of offset well data. Hot Splash with un-paralleled experience and well recaps is there wherever you are.

Texas Eastern Shelf

The Eastern Shelf is an area in which a detailed understanding of all the local idiosyncracies is paramount to the design and implementation of a drilling fluids program that is both economical and safe. This requires a knowledge of the makeup of water and whether the hardness is due to magnesium or calcium as is parts of Fisher county. Gravel in the surface interval on the Tom Green and Irion county border, water flows in northern Schleicher county and intermediate casing set depths to isolate loss zones and saltwater flows in Dickens county are just a few of the many obstacles to consider when designing drilling fluids program. Hot Splash and the extensive experience of our people and our comprehensive library of recaps will be the difference between coming in at AFE estimates and going back to the investor for additional funds.

North Texas / Southern Oklahoma

This Area comprises the Texas panhandle, western Oklahoma, North Texas, and Southern Oklahoma as it follows the Red River. Severe losses are common throughout this region but they occur for different reasons. The Brown Dolomite of Permian age in Moore and Hemphill counties is notorious for massive losses as is the Chapel in the Hardeman and Wilbarger counties. Losses in the Hardeman Basin in Texas adjacent to the Anadarco Basin in Oklahoma are primarily due to fractured reefs. High-pressure gas limestones overlain by depleted sands in Palo Pinto and Young county also add to some of the drilling challenges faced in this area. Hot Splash, with unequaled experience and resources, is up to meet these challenges.

South Texas / Gulf Coast

The South Texas gulf coast region encompasses Del Rio to McAllen and traverses the Gulf Coast of Texas and Southern Louisiana to Mississippi. Well Bore problems are as varied and challenging as the expanse of the area. Severe gumbo and mud-making young marine shales along with high-pressure gas at very shallow depths to high concentrations of CO2 and H2S requiring lime muds and very abrupt transition zones requiring a 7-8 LB. mud weight increase within 500’. These can only be accurately predicted through an extensive library of well recaps and safely drilled with the experience that HOT SPLASH with more than 200 years of in-house experience throughout the area brings to the table.


The ArkLaTx region is somewhat like the Gulfcoast in that mud-making dispersive shales abound throughout the region. Some of the area’s unique characteristics are massive anhydrite sections particularly in Cass and Marion county, severely depleted zones in the old Woodbine fields around Kilgore, highly charged up zones requiring 15-17 LB. mud weights from injection fields around Panola county, Severe losses encountered in Cherokee county due to fractures, severe deviation from drilling the Graben in Hopkins county, shallow surface casing washouts causing log misruns in Navarro county and stuck pipe due to key seats from directional drilling around salt domes in Smith and Leon counties. Hot Splash personnel have overcome these obstacles in the past and has the experience and records needed to overcome these obstacles now and wherever your drilling project is located in the ArkLaTx region.