Well Site Planning

Drilling Solutions

A drilling fluids program is not a one size fits all solution. Just because it has always been used does not mean that it is the correct selection for that particular well. All influences to drilling should be considered; operators specifications, distance from stock point, makeup water, anticipated problems observed on offset wells, the drilling contractor and its personnel and their ability to work with the drilling fluids program under consideration.

Along with the most experienced personnel in the industry strategically located, Hot Splash has subscriptions to Drilling Info and Rig Data for mapping offset wells to your project and several recap libraries from around Texas and the surrounding states to help provide the information needed for anticipating wellbore problems. Hot Splash uses a daily reporting software that allows us to provide WITSML conversions, well to well comparisons and rapid turn-around on our recaps, as well as 3D directional mapping software for predicting tripping and casing problems due to out-of path deviation problems in extended reach lateral and directional wells.