Coffee (Copy)

Coffee (Copy)



Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love.

-Turkish Proverb-

$11.46/12oz vacuum sealed bag + shipping

Nicaragua – All day coffee from mid-morning to tide you over before lunch to that afternoon pick-me-up until Happy Hour. Relief Day coffee, when the trailer is clean, your paperwork is all caught up, your vehicle is packed, and you are in street clothes and sandals and waiting on relief – 2 hours late!

Complimentary Foods:

Ethiopian Sidama – Full bodied excellent morning coffee and eye opener, analogous to the power of a thousand charging buffalos.  That first morning, back on location after being gone two weeks and knowing that the first day can be your busiest day you figure out what has been done that must be undone. One such example would be to explain why the inventory count is 10,000 dollars off without throwing your relief under the bus, when right then you would strangle him like the toad he is.

Complimentary Foods: Ham and Eggs with red-eyed gravy and fresh biscuits

Mexican – Medium body, great porch sitting coffee in the morning or at night around the fire pit. Sitting in the company man’s trailer and discussing the successful running and cementing of long string, or not. In which case you will be in your own trailer trying to devise excuses not related to mud why the casing did not go.

Complimentary Foods: Honeydew melon and hot buttered French bread.

Sumatra – Full Body, freshly overturned dark earth found in the barn lot or your garden after the first tilling of the soil.

Complimentary Foods: hearty breakfast or very sweet desert. Fresh farm eggs fried with runny yolks, thick sliced bacon frying in a cast iron skillet, Chocolate cream pie or a three-layer chocolate cake.

Weight N/A

Nicaragua – $11.46/12oz vacuum sealed bag + shipping, Mexican – $11.46/12oz vacuum sealed bag + shipping, Sumatra – $11.46/12oz vacuum sealed bag + shipping, Ethiopian Sidama – $11.46/12oz vacuum sealed bag + shipping


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